1 month

1 theme

18 artists from Switzerland and abroad

Performances for the End of The World

1 symposium

Will poles shift? Will we merge with machines? Will we escape to another galaxy? Will we eat money? Can art prepare us for the end? In these times of economical, political and ecological crisis fundamental questions arise that open a wider perspective on our existence.


Sweet&Tender for the End of the World is a month-long residency project that brings together 10 Swiss artists from dance and related arts with 8 international artists from Sweet&Tender Collaborations. Sweet&Tender Collaborations was founded in 2006 during DanceWEB at Impulstanz in Vienna by a large group of DanceWebbers. Since then S&T has held residencies in various countries and contexts: 2007 at PAF in France, 2008 in Porto, 2009 at PRISMA in Oaxaca and Mexico City and 2010 in Hamburg.                                                                               www.sweetandtender.org


Sweet&Tender for the End of the World is initiated by Lucie Eidenbenz and Chris Leuenberger – so far the only Swiss members of Sweet&Tender. The project proposes the coexistence of collective processes as a way to engage with each other and with the performing arts scene on a local as well as international level. Sweet&Tender, being about self-education and self-organization, asks participants not to take roles for granted. By introducing non-hierarchical processes, the Swiss edition aims to foster interregional and international dialogue about dance and the performing arts practice with a special focus on collaboration and alternative modes of production.

Time period and content

The residency takes place from July 25 till August 19 2012. The artists work 4 days in the mountains in the Emmental followed by 3 weeks in Bern at Dampfzentrale. The 4 days in the mountains are about coming together, understanding the context we are working in and about forming 3 groups to each develop a concept for a performance. The theme ‘for the end of the world’ serves as a loose direction around which to gather performative ideas. Subsequently the 3 groups continue the work in Bern. Free morning trainings and interventions in the public space strengthen the relation to the city and to the local dance scene. 3 unfinished performances for the end of the world will be presented at the theater of Dampfzentrale Bern on August 16 and 17. On August 18 there is an evaluation meeting and August 19 is departure day.

www.dampfzentrale.ch / www.balmeggberg.ch


Concept: Chris Leuenberger, Lucie Eidenbenz

Organization Team: Sabine Jud, Lucie Eidenbenz, Chris Leuenberger

Production: Chris Leuenberger Produktionen

Production Manager: Sabine Jud

Artists: Adina Secretan (CH), Chris Leuenberger (CH), Daria Gusberti (CH), Hajime Fujita (JP/PT), Jenny Beyer (DE), Katy Hernan (CH), Lucia Valeta (UY), Lucie Eidenbenz (CH), Marcel Schwald (CH), Marko Milic (RS), Miguel Mesa (MX), Olivia Csiky Trnka (SK/CH), Paulina Rucarba (MX/FR), Simona Ferrar (ES), Tabea Martin (CH), Thomas Jeker (CH), Tommy Noonan (US/DE), Violetta Perra (IT/CH)


Sweet&Tender 2012

Chris Leuenberger Produktionen

c/o Sabine Jud

Zähringerstrasse 55

3012 Bern

Tel: +41 (0)79 765 97 17


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